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Top Hits Direct Download Service

Top Hits U.S.A. Direct Download service is super convenient. Tracks are delivered on a daily basis and includes over 230 tracks per month and covers all formats including, Hot Top 40, Urban/Rap, Country, Latin, Jazz, Adult Contemporary, Dance Remixes, Rock/Alternative, Contemporary Christian and Intro Edits and Instrumentals! All audio is encoded with ID3V2 tagging and is recorded in full 320K MP3.

Digital Video (SD & HD) Download

Download the hottest music videos through Top Hits Direct!

HD Specs

  • MP4 file format, 1920 x 1080 video raster.
  • All clips follow the original source frame rate as it's supplied to us from the label.
  • Video - H264Encoding with Bitrate Control: VBR w Average rate: 5000kbps, 2-pass encoding, profile: Main Audio - AAC Encoding, Bit Rate: 320 Kbit/s, AAC Mode: Low Complexity

Now you can receive the RPM Top Hits U.S.A. service on a single DVD ROM containing all of the weekly and monthly editions of our great service. Each super-hi quality track is encoded in full 320K MP3 for the best broadcast quality. Each track is also encoded with all the data related to that track for instant loading into all popular broadcast and DJ software systems. No more manual loading and data manipulation! The MP3-DVD also contains PDF files for each music listing.

Lossless Audio Files (m4a)
  • Highest sound quality
  • Lossless Audio, its HD for your ears!
  • Now offered on Top Hits Direct digital download
  • 4x the file size than a standard MP3 file
  • Compatible with all DJ programs
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