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Audio CD's

  • WAV or MP3
  • T: Top chart performing hits
  • RA: Adult contemporary
  • RH: Hot top 40
  • RB: Urban/Rap
  • RD: Dance remixes
  • RK: Rock/Alternative
  • RL: Latin
  • RJ: Jazz
  • RR: Contemporary Christian
disc service

Top Hits U.S.A. keeps you on top of the newest and hottest music! You'll have the hits often before the track is available to the general public. Thousands of radio, cable and satellite stations depend on RPM for the latest hits.

Each week, 52 weeks per year, a new CD is produced and contains the newest releases in Adult Contemporary, Top 40 and Country formats. Each issued CD is known as a "T" Disc and is shipped either weekly or monthly based on the type of subscription you have selected. Each CD is indentified by its' serial number. The "T" discs started with the serial number T100 in 1992. The T series & 2 bi-monthly or 1 monthly recurrent are included with an audio CD service. The recurrent formats include: Adult Contemporary, Top 40, Country, Latin, Urban/Rap, Dance Remixes, Rock/Alternative, Jazz and Contemporary Christian.

Top Hits U.S.A. is a month-to-month service. You can cancel anytime with a 30-day notice unless you are on an annual prepayment program. We know our quality and great service will keep you happy.

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Weekly Audio CD's (includes T series and 2 bi-monthly or 1 monthly recurrent) $77.95/month

Monthly Audio CD's (includes T series and 2 bi-monthly or 1 monthly recurrent) $54.95/month

Monthly Recurrents

  • RL - Latin
  • RR - Contemporary Christian

Bi-Monthly Recurrents

  • RA - Adult Contemporary
  • RH - Hot Top 40
  • RC - Country
  • RB - Urban/Rap
  • RD - Dance Remixes
  • RK - Rock Alternative
  • RJ - Jazz
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