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Direct Download

Get the hits direct
  • Includes all formats available on MP3 DVD
  • HD and SD video content
  • Lossless audio files (m4a)
  • Over 230 tracks per month
  • Encoded in full 320K MP3
  • Tagged using ID3V2 format
  • No contract
  • No minimum commitment
tophits direct

Top Hits U.S.A. Direct Download service is super convenient. Tracks are delivered on a daily basis and includes over 230 tracks per month and covers all formats including, Hot Top 40, Urban/Rap, Country, Latin, Jazz, Adult Contemporary, Dance Remixes, Rock/Alternative, Contemporary Christian and Intro Edits and Instrumentals! All audio is encoded with ID3V2 tagging and is recorded in full 320K MP3.

Lossless Audio Files

  • Lossless audio files (m4a)
  • Highest sound quality
  • Lossless audio, its HD for your ears!
  • Now offered on Top Hits Direct digital download
  • 4x the file size than a standard MP3 file
  • Compatible with all DJ programs
Direct Download applicationDirect Download application

Top Hits U.S.A. Direct (with MP3 DVD ROM) $54.95/month

Top Hits U.S.A. Direct (without MP3 DVD ROM) $49.95/month

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