Terms and Conditions
1) This agreement is made between Radio Programming and Management, Inc. a Michigan Corporation, "RPM" and the Purchaser listed on this form.
2) This agreement may be cancelled by either party with a notice of not less than THIRTY (30) days. This agreement will remain in full force and effect until it is cancelled by one of the parties.
3) Purchaser agrees to retain Compact Discs provided under this agreement for Purchaser's own use in conjunction with Broadcast Radio or Professional DJ work only. Purchaser agrees not to sell or distribute said Compact Discs to any other party. Purchaser agrees not to copy, duplicate or digitally encode said Compact Discs to any other form of media.
4) Purchaser is properly licensed by ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and other similar entities to posses and publicly perform the music contained on the Compact Discs provided to Purchaser by RPM. In the event Purchaser performs the music contained on said CD's in an unlicensed venue then this agreement shall immediately become null and void and RPM shall have no further obligation to provide any further service to Purchaser.
5) It shall be the sole obligation of Purchaser to obtain the necessary licensing from the appropriate authorities or copyright holders to posses, broadcast or perform the music or program material contained on the Compact Discs furnished to Purchaser by RPM. PURCHASER assumes liability for and shall indemnify, protect, save and keep harmless RPM, its' agents and servants from and against all losses, damages, penalties, judgments, claims, actions, suits, costs, expenses and disbursements, including actual reasonable legal expenses of whatsoever kink and nature imposed upon, incurred by, or asserted against RPM in any way relating to or arising out this agreement or arising out of Purchaser's use or the production of the materials furnished under this agreement.
6) Any CD's damaged will be replaced free of charge upon return of the original damaged product to RPM. Any shipment lost must be reported to RPM within 60 days of the original ship date for replacement. RPM is not responsible for any lost shipment(s) after 60 days from the original ship date.